Congratulations on your engagement and I hope this helps you to choose the right videographer to capture your day! These tips should help you ask the right questions when considering your videographer to capture your special day!

As a professional wedding videographer, I understand the struggle of finding the right person to join you for your special day. Most couples don’t realize that your videographer is someone that is going to be with you all day to share intimate moments. For this reason, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with your videographer.

Creating a special video should be fun for you and serve as a long lasting memory of all the special moments from the day! You shouldn’t be worried about when you’re getting your films or even worse, feel like it isn’t what you paid for.

Note: These tips can also be used when looking for a wedding photographer as well!

1. Fun to be with

Getting to know your wedding videographer prior to your wedding can be a really good start to ensuring you are going to enjoy your day; they will be with you for up to 12 hours. One way you can do this is by having a pre wedding meeting or an engagement film. An engagement film can be a fun way to capture you naturally interacting as a couple but also prepare you for what to expect on your wedding day.

2. Easy going

Your wedding day can be long and an emotional day for you. Someone who is calm and easy going can help to ease the stress and worry of your day, particularly if timings start to slip. You don’t want someone who will add unnecessary stress to your day.

3. Storyteller

When looking back at your wedding film, it should take you back to your wedding day with fond memories. You want to make sure your videographer can capture your days unique story, the parts you didn’t see and so you can experience it time and time again.

4. Expectations

Make sure you are clear about what you expect your videographer to deliver and by when. Ensure you discuss with your videographer the options that are available. Most videographers have different packages dependant on budget but also on the final film deliver. Talking through this will help the videographer know what is important to you and also recommend a package bespoke to you. This is a complex area but an extremely important part of the booking process. It will determine if you need more than one videographer to capture groom preparation at a different location for example. All of this should be detailed in a signed contract.

5. Budget

There is a lot that goes into creating high quality films including the editing time after your day. Plan a budget similar to what you have set aside for your photographer, maybe even more. A budget videographer might not have the correct insurance policies, cancellation contingencies or produce the results you were hoping for. Ask to see multiple examples of their work and not just a showreel of their best shots from multiple weddings.

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