I Am Paul Burton of Burton Media

Yes, it’s me who will work with you, come and capture, edit and delivery your stories.

Paul Burton wedding videographer

Crafting Timeless Love Stories – Your Wedding, Captured with Soul and Precision

Congratulations on embarking on this extraordinary journey of love! I’m not just your wedding videographer or photographer; I’m your partner in creating a day as unforgettable as your love story.

Imagine a day where you’re not just capturing memories, but living them. With 24 years of fire service dedication behind me, I bring a calm assurance and a sprinkle of humour to ensure your wedding day is not just perfect but genuinely enjoyable.

What I Bring! And no, not just cameras!

  • Peace of Mind: Like a trusty firefighter, I’ve got everything under control. No stress, just smiles.
  • Cinematic Magic: Your love story deserves to be told like a blockbuster. I bring cinematic flair, capturing the essence of your unique connection with creativity and style.
  • Timeless Photography: I don’t just freeze moments in time; I capture them in motion and stillness.
  • Humour-infused Relaxation: I believe laughter is the best medicine, especially on your big day. My calming nature and quick wit will ensure you relax, have fun, and soak in every moment.

Because your love story deserves nothing less than magic. Let’s make your wedding day truly extraordinary!

Your Concerns, My Solutions:

  • Awkward Poses? Not Here: I believe in capturing your love in its most authentic form. Say goodbye to forced smiles and awkward poses.
  • Overlooking Details? Never: I pride myself on catching the unnoticed, the small details that make your day uniquely yours.
  • Technical Hassles? None: With top-notch equipment and a trained eye, I handle the technicalities, leaving you free to bask in the joy of your celebration.
The beautiful bride Amelia in a Brides of Southampton wedding dress with her husband at Chilworth Manor, Hampshire for a bridal photoshoot


Your Love, My Focus:

Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story, and I’m here to ensure it’s nothing short of perfection. Let’s turn the page on your new chapter together, with laughter, love, and cinematic brilliance.

Where is Burton Media located? Here!

As you can see, my location gives me easy access to Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire, London and the rest of the UK. I love to travel so let’s not let distance be a barrier!

Always happy to have a chat!

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