The beautiful bride Amelia in a Brides of Southampton wedding dress with her husband at Chilworth Manor, Hampshire for a bridal photoshoot

What style of wedding dress should I buy?

Wedding Bride Styled Photoshoot

When Brides of Southampton approached me about photographing a styled bridal photoshoot at Chilworth Manor, Southampton, I jumped at the chance. The ‘models’ were a local couple who are due to be married later this year. Brides of Southampton provided the bride with a number of stunning dresses and we were able to capture some beautiful images.

I thought I would share some of these images with you so that as a bride to be, you could see how your wedding photographs could look! There are lots of styles to choose from on Brides of Southampton website along with prices. Here a just a few…

My Top 5 Tips :

  1. Where is the source? – are you buying it from a reputable bridal shop? The are lots of bridal shops in Hampshire and Surrey to choose from. Although buying online may be cheaper, you may be disappointed with the quality.
  2. Can I speak to someone? – going to a bridal shop allows you to speak to one of the assistants who can provide advice and offer recommendations. It also means you have somewhere to go back to if something is not quite right.
  3. What sort of style? – style is an individual choice but there are some things to consider. These are weather, venue, comfort, Fexibility and of course price. A long wedding dress train as shown above is lovely but perhaps not practical for a marque wedding in a field.
  4. What size do I need? – if you are purchasing your dress from a shop, you will have the chance to try on your dress and have it adjusted to fit you. Wedding dress sizes do not always correspond with other clothing sizes.
  5. Am I getting a good deal? – be cautious of discounted prices, often these can be artificially inflated to then appear a bargain when discounted. Stick with your budget, shop around and don’t forget to check the designers website for their prices too. It is also reading the returns policy in case you change your mind

I hope you have found this useful and maybe even given you some ideas for your special day!!

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  1. It is always a pleasure to work with you Paul. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photographs! We loved reading your top tips and couldn’t agree more!

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