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What is a house virtual video tour?

Burton Media has evolved and adapted in response to the changing needs of today’s property sector, offering virtual video tours as an easy way for potential buyers to view properties from the comfort of their own home. I travel throughout Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex – and further beyond if needed – capturing footage that gives you an accurate picture of what each house actually looks like. A virtual tour allows viewers greater flexibility than traditional viewings; clients can see multiple homes per day and visit even those located further away or internationally all without physically being there!

New for 2023 – First Person View (FPV) Drones Tours

Are you looking for an experience that will truly wow your audience?

Then look no further than FPV drone tours! With my cutting-edge technology, I am able to take potential buyers on a journey through the home and garden from start to finish. You’ll be transported into a whole new world – one full of breathtaking angles and panoramic views – giving visitors the chance to view properties like never before.

Make sure you stand out from competitors with this unique virtual tour experience!

Hampshire virtual video tour – Farm House

Take the uncertainty out of virtual viewings and trust in Burton Media for an immersive, comprehensive video tour. I offer individualised films that start with a look at the outside of each property using a drone to ensure you have all the information necessary before committing time to any physical visits – no unpleasant surprises! My videos showcase your perfect home from every angle while leaving nothing off screen – so go ahead: be confident and make sure you’re viewers are seeing exactly what’s advertised.

As I walk around the property and edit the footage I aim to show how and where rooms are in relation to the rest of the property. Viewing the film with a floor plan open can also assist a buyer to really feel exactly what it would be like to be at the house.

Key highlights and features of the property are shown using title screens at the appropriate time in the video tour. Further information about the property can always be found in the brochure.

Surrey virtual video tour – New Build

Make your home stand out from the rest!

When marketing a property, I take every effort to show off all of its amazing features in order to influence potential buyers. Virtual viewings are my go-to choice for showcasing kitchens and living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms – with careful attention paid to special elements such as beautiful appliances, exposed wooden beams or fireplaces that could be used as selling points. These eye-catching aspects make homes truly unique – helping clients stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market. So if you’re looking for ways to get people interested… why not focus on those standout details?

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