Virtual video tours

What is a virtual video tour?

Over the past few months Burton Media has been adapting and diversifying the services provided to now include virtual property tours. As you will appreciate the property sector has also had to adapt and estate agents under pressure to offer virtual viewings as an essential method of allowing clients to view a property. We have been filming properties in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex but are happy to travel further afield.

There are many advantages that arise from viewing a property virtually, such as being able to view multiple properties in one day from the comfort and safety of your own home. It also provides more flexibility in the time and duration you can view the property, and you are able to view homes in other parts of the country.

A video tour of a farmhouse property in Hampshire

Although most are optimistic about virtual viewings using video tours, there are others who have their reservations and doubts. One of the top reasons why many people may be sceptical is because they felt the videos would purposefully miss out on the less attractive aspects of the home. At Burton Media I try and elevate this fear by showing all aspects of a property and of course, you will want to go on a physical viewing before you decide to purchase. The films are just a very quick way to narrow a search and avoid unnecessary viewings that take up time.

How do I put buyer’s minds at rest?

All of my film start from the outside of the property much like a physical viewing. The outside of the property and the entrance one of the first things in the video tour along with some shots from the local area to give a feel for how and where the property is situated. As I walk around the property and edit the footage I aim to show how and where rooms are in relation to the rest of the property. Viewing the film with a floor plan open can also assist a buyer to really feel exactly what it would be like to be at the house.

Key highlights and features of the property are shown using title screens at the appropriate time in the video tour. Further information about the property can always be found in the brochure.

A new built house tour video in Surrey

Which features do I emphasise?

Every effort is made to show every room in the property however I do emphasise the rooms that greatly influence the decision-making process when purchasing a new home. The films will include the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. In the virtual viewing, I do tend to spend a bit more time in kitchen areas of the home to give the potential buyer the chance to take it all in and see all the features the rooms have to offer. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it is a very important part of any family home.

In each room I aim to focus on a unique feature such as appliances, exposed wooden beams, fireplaces, high ceilings and sash windows.

A video of a semi detached country cottage

Other features of the virtual tours:

Energy efficiency rating

An EPC rating is a review of a property’s energy efficiency. They’re primarily used by buyers or renters to quickly see how much their energy bills will cost for the property

Broadband Speed

In todays connected world I understand the importance of fast internet speed. An indication of the broadband speed is presented at the end of the virtual tour and is based on internet available estimated speeds

Mobile phone signal

I also provide a mobile phone signal strength for each property. This is based on the actual mobile phones signal or internet estimates for various providers

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