Social Media Content Creation – The New Trend

What is a content creator?

There is a new trend in the wedding industry!! The role of a wedding day content creator is exactly what the name suggests, someone who creates content from your wedding day. They create content that can be a combination of photos and vertical videos on a mobile phone to produce Reels or TikTok videos, Instagram Story posts among other forms.

Today, wedding content creators capture footage for couples alongside a photographer and videographer. A wedding content creator is a vendor hired to capture raw, candid footage of a wedding day. As with all event vendors, exactly what a wedding content creator provides depends on the individual.

The content creator will edit and publish the footage from your day unlike guests phones where the photos and videos just remain on their phones. As we all know wedding videography pricing can vary significantly depending on experience and packages. This is also the same for content creator prices.

A wedding content creator in action

Wedding Content Creator vs. Photographer/Videographer

Is there even a difference between a wedding content creator and a photographer / videographer? In short, yes! One of the main things that sets these creatives apart are the equipment they use to create the content they’ve been hired to capture.

A wedding content creator is an added bonus and not a replacement for your professional photographer or videographer. It’s someone who’s going to be a part of the team, who’s available to capture moments from alternative angles.

Professional camera bodies, lenses, lighting and audio equipment all work towards creating the best quality content possible but sacrifice size to achieve this. A social media wedding creator typically use discreet recording devices, such as phones, to achieve a guest perspective of your day but at the expense of some quality. 

The video here shows a discreet 4 camera setup to record the speeches so in the final edit it is not boring and just a single angle for the whole film.

How quickly will I receive my social media content?

Typically around 24 hrs – Obviously, this depends on the content creator you choose and the package you book. However, you can normally expect to receive your photos and videos back quickly and ready for your social media posts. This is one of the main advantages of hiring a content creator as they have very little editing to do after the day and the clips are short with simple cuts and transitions.

I have always aimed to deliver a 1 minute teaser to couples that book me showing the highlights from their special day within 24 hrs, I guarantee this within 7 days. This is however a professionally edited version from the day using high quality recording equipment.

Here is an example delivered within 24 hrs to the couple.

Will my content creator and other suppliers work together?

I have never had an issue with working with other suppliers. At the end of the day, we are all there for a purpose and that is to produce the best memories of the day for the couple getting married!

I can only talk about my own experiences, but I would have no problem working alongside a professional content creator. And the key, as always, is communication!

Pictured here;

Top – The bride and groom

Middle – Left: photographer, Middle: Video Assistant, Right: Videographer (Me)

Bottom – Left: Content Creator, Right: Wedding Venue Coordinator

Suppliers in a gold buggy

How much is a wedding content creator?

Prices vary greatly depending on the content creator and their experience. Typically they off a range of packages with different amount of time at the wedding and the videos number produced.

From my research and for my local area, packages range from 4 hrs to 10 hrs coverage of your day. There is then also a further tier system based on the number of videos provided ranging from 1 to 8 Reels.

Average packages seem to be (October 2023);

  1. 4 hrs / 2/3 Reels – £375
  2. 6 hrs / 4/5 Reels – £550
  3. 8 hrs / 6/8 Reels – £700

Obviously these prices may vary and this is based on a small sample I can find in my area as this is very much a growing trend with a changing landscape as of writing this.

How many people will see my Reel(s)?

Here is an example Reel I created for social media for a 2023 wedding couple. This reel has received over 250k views across different platforms but another one has over 600k views, so something to keep in mind if you want a more private wedding.

How much do I charge to create Reels?

*** New for 2024 ***

I have added a social media creation package for my couples. I am already with the couples all day anyway and I can use my professional cameras and editing software to produce Reels saving the cost of an additional person on the day. These Reels are not as highly edited and polished as wedding day films so can also be created within 7 days of the wedding.

Social Media Content Creator Add-on Packages

Bronze2 Reels£250.00
Silver4 Reels£350.00
Gold8 Reels£550.00

If you would like to learn more about my social media add-on then book a Zoom call online today and I would be happy to discuss this with you