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Fire Service Photography and Videography Expert

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Corporate photography

Fire Service Photography and Videography Expert 

with 20+ Years of Experience

About Me

With over two decades of dedicated service as a Hampshire firefighter, I bring a unique perspective and in-depth understanding of the fire service sector. Holding the rank of Watch Manager for over 16 years, my journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling through visuals.

National Fire Chiefs Council Approved Supplier

Proudly recognised as an approved supplier for the National Fire Chiefs Council, I stand as a trusted professional in the industry. This accreditation speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of my services, ensuring you receive top-tier photography and videography tailored to the specific needs of the fire service.

Five-star rating with laurel wreath emblem.

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Capturing the intensity and heroism of firefighting moments through high-quality photographs. From action shots to behind-the-scenes glimpses, my lens brings your narratives to life.


Crafting compelling visual stories through dynamic videos and animations. Whether it’s training modules, promotional content, or documentaries, I specialise in transforming your vision into captivating on-screen experiences.

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Dive into the world of fire services through engaging podcasts. From interviews with seasoned professionals to discussions on industry trends, my podcasts offer a unique audio experience for your audience.

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