Rushmoor Open Day 2019

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Money raised to date : £1430.00 Updated 01/09/2019

Here you will find links to all of the images and films from the day. Each year Rushmoor Fire Station opens their doors to members of the public so that they can come and meet the teams and learn a little more about what they do to protect the community.

We have many willing volunteers that help to make this such a special day for all attendees. The firefighters demonstrated the skills that are needed at various incidents as well as providing some really useful safety information. I am sure that those that witnessed the airbag deployment with simulated feet on a dashboard would think twice before travelling like this in the future!

Some of our external partners

Community First Responders

The Community First Responders were on hand to demonstrate CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) to even the youngest of the days visitors. This is a life saving skill that can literally save a life by using some basic immediate action. Click here to find out more

British Red Cross emergency response vehicle

The British Red Cross were also on hand to talk about the role they can play following a fire to support people affected by it. This includes providing a vehicle to be able to sit down in, have a warm drink and talk through what to do next. They have excellent knowledge of insurance companies and how to start the process of getting life back to normal. Click here to find out more

South East Coast Ambulance Service technician (SECAMB)

Members of SECAMB (South East Cost Ambulance Service) allowed visitors to look around the ambulance. They took the time to explain their role and when it is appropriate to use an ambulance for an emergency and when to go and see your doctor. Click here to find out more

Community Nurse Team

The Community Care Team are a team of nurses that share the fire station with the firefighters. The team provide nursing care and support to the most vulnerable members of the community. This service works closely with firefighters when required to identify persons at risk of fire so that a Safe and Well visit can be arranged. The Safe and Well visit is an assessment of an individual in their home to identify risks of fire and how these can be reduced. This can include the free fitting of smoke alarms in order to alert residents early warning that a fire has broken out. Click here to find out more

Other Fire Service teams

Alongside the normal appliances at Farnborough, it was a great chance to see some of the other resources available from the rest of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's fleet.

Rushmoor Fire Station Open Day 2019 Aerial Shot

Basingstoke Fire Station brought their ALP (Arial Ladder Platform) across. This is a specialist piece of equipment that allows firefighters in a 'cage' to reach up to 32 meters high. This can be used to rescue people, provide a water monitor or provide a better overview of an incident (today used to allow photographs to be taken of the Open Day).

USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) brought one of their six vehicles used to carry out complex rescues or a building collapse. This is one of their smaller units but houses some very unique equipment that is not found on normal front line vehicles. Their ability to perform these complex rescues has been utilised in the UK and around the world for disaster aid.

Who doesn't love a highly trained dog? Harvey and Hoodie from the Arson Task Force team brought a smile to lots of faces. These dogs are highly trained in detecting fires that have been started deliberately using accelerants such as petrol. This information can then be used by the Police to prosecute arsonists and help to reduce deliberate fires.

A bit of history

Firefighter Ben Collins brought along his families private collection of ex Fire Service vehicles. These remind us of how technology has changed over the years and how it has transformed the way the British Fire Service are able to respond to incidents. Each vehicle was equipped with the original tools available at the time to firefighters. It is amazing to travel back in time (and not distant past) to see the advances made to resolve incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.

Highlights from the day

In order for attendees to treasure their visit and the day there is an online photo gallery available. This as the option to purchase images digitally and all profit will be donated to the two charities. There is also option to order professionally printed images and again, all of the profit from these sales will also be donated to the charities.

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